Girls Eyes Only

Girls Eyes Only

Hi Girls! Thank you for visiting Good For You Girls. We first want to say YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! We believe true beauty comes from within and Good For You Girls is not about making you grow up faster or look older. We are about celebrating who you are right now with products that help you feel great and take care of yourself. Our products are beneficial to young skin and don't contain harmful ingredients. The age that you need skin care or deodorant might be different from your best friend and that's OK. Remember everyones body grows a their own pace. 

There are some simple rules to taking care of yourself that we all try to follow; eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, brush your teeth twice a day (more if you have braces), shower everyday if you can, and wash your face every night. Seems pretty simple right? Well we think it should be. One of the reasons we made Good For You Girls was because we wanted you to look forward to using our products. Taking care of yourself is not selfish infact we believe it is self love. You study hard and play hard. We think you deserve to look forward to taking care of yourself. Every night when you look in the mirror we want you to smile and thank that amazing girl staring back at you because she is more incredible then you realize.

We hope you love our products as much as we love making them for you. Please remember to thank the person who bought them for you because apparently they think you're special too.

What’s the deal with chemicals anyway?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and chemicals enter the body through your skin. Some say that small amounts of chemicals are no big deal but emerging research suggests that even small amounts are cause for concern especially for young people who have a lifetime of exposure. Chemicals are used in skincare as preservatives, thickeners, colorants and for fragrance to name a few. We have other ideas of how it should be.

Why Good For You Girls:

Mother Nature has provided us with some amazing and powerful ingredients to achieve healthy skin. We don’t expect you or your parents to become ingredient experts, which is why we’ve done the work for you. Our products provide the best of the best natural ingredients into effective formulas that work for young to get rid of grime, impurities and bacteria without over drying or irritating skin.

Keeping it real:

We know the influence celebrities have on most of your purchasing decisions but don’t be too disappointed if you don’t see Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift in our ads. What you will see, however are testimonials from naturally savvy girls just like you. We hope to hear from you about your favorite Good For You Girls products.

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