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As moms we would do anything to keep our kids safe, right? Well for me that “anything” meant starting Good For You Girls in 2008.

As a veteran of the natural products industry, I was very aware of the controversy of chemical-based skin care. Both my daughters had severe asthma and sensitive skin issues as babies, so we never had an option to use anything but the cleanest products.  

No matter how much we would love to keep our girls little, Mother Nature has other ideas. As my daughter’s needs changed, I realized there were no products I felt were safe, effective or age-appropriate for them. Girls today are bombarded with beauty products that are loaded with chemicals and synthetic ingredients. I created Good For You Girls as a better alternative to address girls personal care needs during some of life’s most challenging years. 

As mothers we have such an amazing opportunity to teach our daughters how to love and respect themselves. We can easily forget just how much our words and actions shape the way they feel about themselves today and the future they will create tomorrow. Good For You Girls to me is more than just skin care-- it helps us show the girls in our lives that we celebrate and respect their changing needs as young women. As you know raising children comes with enormous responsibility but endless blessings.

Thank you for choosing Good For You Girls. We feel honored to be your daughters trusted skincare. 

Much Love!


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