Moms Eyes Only

Moms Eyes Only

Thank You for finding Good For You Girls! We are delighted about the opportunity to tell you about our natural skincare. Our goal as parents is to help our daughters form healthy habits and a great relationship with their bodies. When they were babies, we worked hard to protect them from chemicals in everything from food, toys, and bath products. Oh how time flies! Well now, those seemed like the easy days, right? As they get older, this task becomes even more difficult. With all the outside pressures they face our task to help them protect them can seem enormous. We want to commend you for staying the course and helping your daughter find, safe and natural alternatives because we know it's not always easy. The nice thing about Good For You Girls is that we have created products your daughter will love as well. 

We recommend you try our products with her so you can experience for yourself the beauty that is Good For You Girls. If it’s your daughters first time using skincare please wash your face along side her to show her how. We guarantee she will appreciate your love, and attention to her during this time. Learning to love ourselves is a physical and psychological journey that starts earlier than you think. Don't underestimate the influence you have in this process. Remember to take care of yourself too. We lead by example so slow down, take time for you because you are pretty special too!

If you have any questions, we are always here for you.

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